Posted: Friday, January 10, 2020
Last updated: Friday, March 13, 2020

On January 5 there was a fire in one of the rooftop heating units at the West Mall 7 Theatre that damaged a portion of our front lobby.  Since then our lobby has been professionally repaired and remodeled and we are nearing the completion of the project.

We are now open with a full schedule of movies

Our new carpet installation is complete, and we have re-opened with a full schedule of movies as of Friday, March 13.   We can't wait to show you our modern, new look!  In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what will be under your feet when you visit us next.  (Scroll down for more pics!)

What progress has been made?

3/13/20: We have re-opened with a full schedule of movies...and new carpet throughout our main lobby level.  Check out the pictures below for a preview!

3/12/20: Installation of our new carpet is nearly complete.  We will re-open on Friday, March 13.

3/9/20:  Crews are removing our old lobby carpet and preparing the floor for installation of the new carpet.

3/4/20:  Our new carpet has arrived and is waiting to be installed.  In order to complete the installation, we will be closed Monday March 9 through Thursday March 12.  After that, we'll be back open on Friday March 13.

2/8/20:  We have re-opened as of February 7 with a full schedule of movies.  Check our "Now Showing" page for the latest movies and show times.  Watch for future updates when we install our new carpet in March!

2/5/20: Electricians are installing our new concession lighting, and the painters are finishing their main work.  Our new digital signs will go up in the next couple of weeks, and our new carpet will be installed in March.  Some additional tile work and other updates are also scheduled.  In the meantime, we are ready to re-open while the final remodeling work is completed.

1/31/20: Our new ceiling grid is up and most of the ceiling tile is now installed.  In addition, crews have been painting our lobby in an updated red and gold color scheme (check out the pictures below!). Next, the electricians will install new concession lighting.  Our new carpet has been ordered and will be installed later in February.  We are getting ready to open again soon!

1/23/20:  All lobby duct work has been replaced, and our new lobby heating and cooling system has now been installed, complete with a new rooftop HVAC unit.  Crews are now starting work on our new lobby ceiling and preparing to paint portions of the walls.  We also completed the network wiring for our new digital signage system.

1/12/20:  Construction is underway!  Crews have already removed the ceiling in our lobby.  Next they will remove the old duct work to prepare for installation of the new heating and cooling system.

1/10/20: Initial fire clean up has been completed.   Restoration work is now underway and crews have cleaned and wrapped all of our projection and concession equipment in preparation for the ceiling repairs.

How do I get more updates?

We will continue to post further updates on our progress on this page and on Facebook as the work proceeds.  You can also sign up for our mailing list here to receive the latest updates right in your email box.

Latest pictures

Here's the latest pictures of progress during our new carpet installation:

What happened?

On Sunday, January 5, a small fire in one of our rooftop heating units damaged a portion of our front lobby.  The cause has been determined to be a blower motor failure.  Fortunately, our maintenance crew was at the West Mall 7 when the incident occurred and they reported it immediately.  The Sioux Falls Fire Department responded quickly and minimized the damage.  We are very thankful that no one was injured, and grateful to our staff and the Sioux Falls first responders for their quick action.

Thanks for choosing the West Mall 7 Theatre.  We look forward to seeing you back at the movies very soon!